Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash
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Geometry Dash: Now you can play Geometry Dash Online without any download. Get ready to overcome an almost impossible challenge! Put your skills to the limit and jump through dangerous obstacles and pointy traps. How far will you be able to arrive without dying in the attempt?

Game Tips

  • The best advice is to time your moves on-beat with the music.
  • Be calm. The game will be much easier if you aren't stressed out!
  • Practice! Over time you will pick up the subtle movements you need to get further.
  • Share your achievements with others and learn from other gamers.


  • Challenging levels that vary in difficulty from hard to almost impossible
  • Simple controls make the game intuitive to learn from the start
  • Excellent music that compels you to reach the next part of the track
  • Fun gameplay synced to the beat!

The game was created by RobTop games for mobile, before being ported to PC as Geometry Dash Online.

This Scratch version is made by Griffpatch.

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