Five Nights at Teddy's 3

Five Nights at Teddy's 3
Five Nights at Teddy's 3
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Welcome back to the horror! Five nights at Teddy's 3 (also known as FNAT 3) takes place some 30 years after the closing of titular character Teddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

The meat of Five Nights at Teddy's 3 gameplay takes place over the titular six nights. Yep, this game has a Night 6 as well. And we’re no longer at Teddy Fazbear’s Pizza, but, instead, at Fazbear’s Fright museum.

You’ve been hired to play the role of the security monitor, and you're alone in your room at night and can't really see what's around you. You have no doors to close, so the only way to keep out the death is to either lure them away with audio signals (which are children’s voices calling, properly creepy) or to shut down the paths of the air vents as the beast comes crawling to you.

There are 15 cameras stacked in two layers, which is the highest in quantity and intricacy of the series. And in FNAT 3, the jump scares are nothing at all to be afraid about, as it’s only Springtrap who can actually do you any kind of harm.

Well, that’s just plain odd.

And creepy.

And terrifying.

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